Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cake


Our bunt coffee cakes are scratch baked,
and oh so moist and decadent. Order one today!

Applesauce bundt cake with raisins, pecans and cinnamon streusel
Applesauce bundt cake with raisins, pecans and cinnamon streusel


ITALIAN FIG Cake with figs, raisins and pecans
ITALIAN FIG Cake with figs, raisins and pecans


DOUBLE LOVIN' CHOCOLATE Bundt Cake with cocoa crumble
DOUBLE LOVIN' CHOCOLATE Bundt Cake with cocoa crumble



A bundt coffee cake that is deliciously moist and decadent for breakfast, dessert or snack. This applesauce cake is flavored with a blend of spices that complement the juicy raisins and toasted pecans throughout the cake. Sprinkled with a cinnamon crumble, gives it that added touch. A bundt coffee cake that is hand crafted and baked with love especially for you. Perfect to share with family or send as a gift.

Based on our love for Italian Fig Cookies...If you like figs, this applesauce cake is sure to please. The plump figs, sweet raisins and toasted pecans add the perfect texture to the sticky sweet spiced cake. Adorned with a crumble adds an extra buttery sweetness. A comforting cake to enjoy any time of the day and any time of year.

A fudgy dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate chips sprinkled inside and top with a cocoa crumble. The applesauce in the cake gives it a decadent texture. The chocolate is definitely the star of the show. Have your milk or coffee ready... you'll be glad that you did. 



Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cakes are scratch baked and made fresh per your order. Our hand crafted cakes are baked with the freshest and finest ingredients with a dash of love. These bundt coffee cakes are EGG-FREE, but oh so moist and decadent. If you need to avoid eggs in your diet, but crave the deliciousness of a old fashioned scratch baked cake...this one's for you. 


Know someone who's having a special occasion, needs a pick me up or missing the days of old-fashioned baking? Sending them one of Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cakes will be the highlight of their day. When ordering, you can personalize with a note and we'll do the rest.


Contact us about your corporate gift giving and let us make your life easier. We will work with you on the dates and how to personalize your gift. Your clients will love you for the gesture. 

Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cake
Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cake wrapped and inside custom box ready for shipping


We take extra care to make sure our cakes arrive safely to your door. Whether purchasing the cake for yourself or to send to someone special, our cakes are securely sealed in shrink-wrap packaging and placed with filler in our decorative box for a wonderful presentation. If sending as a gift, your personalized note will be included. Our presentation box is snugged tightly in a USPS shipping box for a swift delivery.


Our cakes have no added preservatives and are best consumed within a few days after receiving them. If that is not possible, we recommend that you freeze the cake in it's shrink-wrap packaging for up to 6 months. When ready to eat, thaw completely and enjoy.


Allergens: Attention customers with food allergies. Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts and gluten products. 


Being at my Grandma's house, was always a very special time. It was a place of unconditional love, stories of the past and some of the best Southern food ever served. Watching and helping my Grandma as she cooked and baked unforgettable dishes and desserts, taught many lessons about life and food. That time we spent together, the lessons learned and the memories made will forever be cherished.

A fond memory for the Pate family was walking into Grandma's house  and seeing her cake dome sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. The excitement and anticipation it sparked brought smiles to our hearts. Our thoughts would wonder... what was under that silver dome? Could it be what we all hoped for? The aroma of spices, sweet fruit and toasted pecans that perfumed the house, said yes it was. A lifted dome unveiled the rich in color, moist and scrumptious bundt cake, that was crowned the name... "Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cake". The Original recipe is over 100 years old and a Pate family tradition. A cake that's great for breakfast, lunch, supper and a midnight snack. It's scratch baked with love and the finest ingredients. Southern Baking at its best.

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