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I have always had a passion for baking and baking from scratch was introduced to me by my Grandma Pate when I was a little girl. It has always made me happy to bake for others and have them enjoy my creations as I did my Grandmas. As a Mom of 2 Boys, for over 25 years I have worked on the skill of hand crafting baked goods for family and friends. My desire is to share this passion for baking in hopes that you and your family and friends will enjoy scratch made cookies and cakes as well.

My dream of owning a Bakery came to be in 2012 when my supportive family and I opened Oh My Soul Cookies & Cakes LLC. Through the years, our Bakery has created a wide variety of gourmet and designer cookies, cakes and specialty desserts. We have been blessed to bake for many clients locally and all across the Country. It's been an honor to be part of so many birthdays, weddings and other special occasions with our treats.

Located in Bryan/College Station, Texas (Aggieland), we have baked for many Aggies and Aggie Mom and Dads. Baking and delivering something special to A&M Students has been a joy for us. We have provided a wide variety of desserts for many A&M Departments, Academic Colleges, Athletics, Clubs and Organizations through the years.

One of our biggest highlights in the Bakery has been designing very large and extravagant showpiece cakes to celebrate President George H. W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush's birthdays. This yearly event is held at the George H. W. Bush Library and Museum in College Station, Texas. In addition to creating the showpiece cakes, we have baked tasting cakes to serve hundreds at this event. It's been a heart-warming honor and privilege to bake for this celebration for seven years.

Rhonda Pate White, Owner of Oh My Soul Cookies & Cakes

As our business has grown, we've decided to focus more on the two items that are most cherished by our family. These are my Grandma Pate's Applesauce Cakes and our Gourmet Cookies. To make this a reality, Oh My Soul Cookies & Cakes LLC will ship our Applesauce Cakes and Gourmet Cookies across our great nation. We will also offer our Cookies & Cakes for pick up and delivery to those blessed to live in our wonderful community of Bryan/College Station. If you are visiting BCS or Texas A&M University, take the opportunity to have our delicious Gourmet Cookies or one of our hand-crafted Applesauce Cakes. They will be one of the highlights of your trip.

We look forward to creating some of our scratch baked, made with love cookies and cakes for you. We hope they will become cherished treats for you, your family and friends as well.

 Many blessings and all the best to you and yours!

and the Oh My Soul Cookies & Cakes Family

Five Generations With Love For Family And Applesauce Cake

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